Special FX Makeup

Skincognito have years of experience in providing customised special effects makeup across a multitude of industries. Our specialties include Prosthetics, Ageing, Creatures, Cosplay, Wound Simulation and Gore, and of course – Halloween Events!

At Skincognito we are passionate about Special Effects. We love nothing more than being up to our necks in latex and silicon, creating the perfect creature or casualty simulation.

Experienced Special Effects Makeup Artists

Skincognito have years of experience in creating customised special effects makeup looks across a multitude of industries, including

  • film and television
  • theatre and stage shows
  • private clients going to costume parties
  • advertising shoots
  • PR events and promotions (logo-based special effects)
  • live body painting shows/installations
  • casualty simulation exercises

Our specialty areas include:


  • aging and gender-altering prosthetics
  • identity changing prosthetics
  • creature, animal, monster/alien effects
  • body augmentation via prosthetics
  • prosthetics for cosplay

Hair Manipulation

  • bald caps
  • wigs
  • facial hair (beards, moustaches, sideburns)
  • hair punching

Wound simulation and Gore

  • lacerations and gaping wounds
  • burns and blisters
  • grazes, boils, frostbite
  • glass wounds and bullet holes
  • pumping/squirting on-demand blood techniques for film
  • bodily fluid simulation eg. vomit, tears, frothing
  • stitched, stapled or zippered skin effects
  • peeling zombie flesh

Special Effects for Halloween Events

  • private one-hour Halloween makeup sessions
  • makeup for entire corporate teams for their staff Halloween parties
  • event bookings where we provide a “Halloween Gore” makeup booth where attendees come to get wounds and other gory nasties done as an on-site activity, either before or during the event

Special Effects Makeup Classes

As an instructor in Special Effects Makeup, Julie Tattam runs Master Classes for the makeup and bodypainting industries.