Music Videos

Skincognito’s makeup and bodypainting features in over a dozen music videos for prominent international artists, including Stafford Bros, Bloody Beetroots, Ricki-Lee Coulter, SketchShe, Emma Louise and many more.

Directors – Want to pitch an INCREDIBLE unique treatment?

Body painting gives directors the opportunity to pitch out-there, original, creative treatments to artists/labels and bring them to life within a conservative budget. Creatures, special effects, explosions of colour, neon UV effects are all within reach – the only limit is your imagination.

Our Extensive Experience in Music Video Production

Having worked on so many different music video sets, we are completely aware of the critical need to:

  • work super-fast but stay cheerful
  • give accurate time estimates to the PA, and stick to them
  • pick the correct time to pop onset for final checks and touch-ups
  • be patient and flexible with time (shoots run long, and that’s OK)
  • be a “hands on” team player – help hold lights, change sets and do coffee runs, it’s a team effort

Huge Range of Possibilities

We have provided a huge variety of body painting and special effects services over the years for music videos. These include:

  • ageing (with FX prosthetics) the singers from 19yrs old to 90yrs old
  • gender-changing (with FX prosthetics) the actor from male to female
  • transforming the actor into a turtle with prosthetics
  • creating a full-body charred corpse on a live human
  • painting the talent in custom chroma paint which was keyed to different colours in post
  • creating clay statues out of live humans which crack open as the video progresses
  • full-body abstract art designs on main dancers
  • UV neon bodypainting and face painting
  • wounds and blood effects
  • full-body gold and silver bodypainting
  • bald caps, contact lenses, wigs and facial hair application
  • hair and beauty makeup for backup dancers
  • face painting and festival-style makeup for extras and crowd scenes Body painting

We have a passion for music video production and would love to work with you to bring your treatment to life.