UV Neon Body Art

UV Body art is in high demand. Skincognito is highly experienced in painting spectacular designs which glow fiercely under UV Blacklights.

UV Body art is in high demand. We do a LOT of this type of work for events, specifically providing one or all of these services:

  • UV henna-style hand paintings
  • UV festival makeup (tribal markings)
  • full-body UV designs

What is UV Body art suitable for?

We have provided UV body painting for several different purposes, including:

  • advertising shoots
  • brand promotions
  • live UV bodypainting as visual entertainment for events
  • UV body art for music videos
  • large-scale crowd painting for nightclubs, big events and festivals
  • live bodypainted circus shows (Luminous, for Art Kinetica)
  • corporate events, for a small conservative henna design on the hand that GLOWS

An experienced UV body artist is critical

We are extremely experienced at what works and what doesn’t with UV body art. The right lighting and setup (all done for you by us) , both for the painting area and for the function area, is critical. Having worked at functions such as the Sydney Mardi Gras, festivals and large clubs, we know how to make your UV events look AMAZING.

Something Different for your Corporate Events

Looking for something different for your next corporate function? Try UV henna-style hand painting. We specialise in this type of UV body art and have provided popular UV hand-painting booths at corporate functions for ING, Optus, Tsing Tao, Sportsgirl and many more.

Don’t have UV Blacklights?

Don’t worry, we bring our own! We have a full UV lighting setup, tagged and tested and ready to bring along to your next function.