Our Passions

We are passionate about the effect art can have on people. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing the delight on the face of a child as they turn the mirror around to reveal the magical transformation they have undergone as they were face painted. This is even more powerful when that child has been undergoing extreme emotional or physical hardship, and the face painting provides a brief escape and a moment of delight.

Skincognito therefore looks for opportunities to provide volunteer face painting (and free face painting training) in areas where it can make a big impact on the lives of disadvantaged and unwell children. We provide a free service to several AIDS orphanages in Africa and the two childrens hospitals in Sydney. If you are interested in becoming involved in either of these services with us, we would love to hear from you.

Skincognito’s Orphanage Tour of

Julie Tattam, owner of Skincognito (previously called “Making Faces”), spent a month in Kenya in September, face painting over 300 abandoned and orphaned children in AIDS Orphanages throughout Nairobi. She also trained the Orphanage Staff to face paint so that they could continue the fun after she left. View a small video clip of her tour below.


Julie Tattam has been volunteering in the childrens cancer wards of Sydney’s two largest childrens hospitals for 7 years. In 2010 Julie set up a free weekly face and arm painting service to entertain the children while they underwent chemotherapy. Every year she also organises a team of children’s entertainers for the Westmead Patients Christmas Party, and trains the Starlight Room staff in body art so the children have access to face painting all week long.

Skincognito Proudly Supports the Children's Hospital at Westmead