Fine Art Bodypainting

Fine Art bodypainting is using body art in a free, unique and creative way to create pieces of work that exist as art of their own accord. Pushing your imagination “outside the square”, it is another of our favourite types of body art. Read on to find out 5 cool ways we have used body painting to create fine art.

5 cool ways to use body painting to create fine art:

  1. Using the body as a canvas, by painting landscapes or abstract visions onto sections of the body, with the view to photographing, framing and hanging the work
  2. Using several (often dozens) of painted bodies to create a large scale multi-model design
  3. Using contortionistic single-body poses with simple body art to create dramatic photography
  4. Live body painted art installations (live bodies or mannequins)
  5. Stop-motion body art, creating video where the painting “grows” in real time.