Brand PR

Skincognito have worked with Sydney’s leading PR firms and ad agencies to promote high profile clients such as Vodafone, Samsung, Lenovo, Optus, ING Bank, Qantas and over 100 more.

Why is bodypainting such a successful PR tool?

Body painting is a popular, on-trend and affordable way to draw attention to a brand, ensure media interest for your launch/activation, and create shareable (potentially viral) photo opportunities prominently featuring your logo

Why is bodypainting such a successful PR tool?

Bodypainting gets noticed

Few things catch the attention of the public more than the clever, tasteful use of a moving, interacting human canvas displaying your brand message in a memorable way.

Bodypainting encourages customer interaction and photographs

At product launches and promotional events, the public are far more likely to photograph themselves alongside an attractive male or female model (painted tastefully in your logo), than next to a billboard or poster.

Bodypainting attracts media interest

Bodypainted promotions are more frequently featured in the media than other promotions, as they appeal on another level to the audience. Further, the ability for your ‘artwork’ (be it a painted celebrity, sportsperson or spokesmodel) to be interviewed and further push the brand message is even more valuable.

Bodypainting is highly shared on social media

Then the magic really happens – Clever body painting is one of the top ten “most shared images” on social media. In this era where social media is a key delivery tool for branding, viral sharing of these photos containing your logo (incorporated into an eye-catching piece of body art) provides unparalleled opportunity for customer ‘reach’ for your brand.

Concerned about exposed body parts?

Maintaining a classy, professional look to your event is our highest priority. All our bodypainting can be done over a wide range of “no-nudity” clothing options (bikinis, dance costumes, bodystockings or more), which we can go through with you in detail.

Brands we work with

We have provided successful body painted campaigns for over 100 high profile clients, including:

  • Vodafone
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo
  • MTV
  • Sportsgirl
  • PETA
  • Optus
  • ING Bank
  • Tsing Dao
  • Jeans 4 Genes
  • Noosa Tourism
  • Stoli Vodka
  • Steve Aoki
  • Sol Republic
  • Indu Restaurant
  • Protecht Advisory
  • Twentieth Century Fox
  • Universal Studios
  • EA Games
  • Global Colours
  • Easy Trade
  • Tip Top Bakeries
  • Tynan Motors
  • Laminex
  • Aussie Bodies

Does your booth attract visitors at Exhibitions/Tradeshows?

We can help your booth STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD and draw in potential customers.

How to succeed at a Trade Show/Exhibition
(and how Body Painting can make this happen!)

The main objectives at a trade show are to get people to:

  1. Notice your booth
  2. Interact with your booth
  3. Return to your booth (multiple times)
  4. Remember your booth

Exhibitors try dozens of ways to achieve this from free lollipops to expensive promotional giveaways. Attendees are so used to these standard techniques now that they fail to grab their attention.

How Body Painting achieves ALL these objectives:

1. Getting people to Notice your Booth
A colourful artistic (non-sexual) bodypainted spokesmodel is guaranteed to catch the eye of passers by. If the brand logo is incorporated into the design, it is going to get noticed. If the model is being painted live at the booth, onlookers will most definitely stop and watch the transformation, giving your staff the opportunity (and perfect conversation starter) to engage them.

2. Getting people to Interact with Your Booth
In our experience, people love having their photo with a bodypainted model. Attendees will even wait in line for their turn for a photo. This presents your staff with the opportunity to engage with these potential customers in a non-confrontational way, as they have already shown interest by waiting in line.

3. Getting people to Return to Your Booth (multiple times)
Because a live bodypainting progresses across the day from its initial outline to the completed artwork, attendees tend to return to your booth multiple times (in our experience on average 4-5 times) to see how the painting has progressed. What other form of booth promotion would draw your attendees back for return visits in this way? More visits means more interaction with your sales team, more exposure to your logo, and better memory recall of your brand.

4. Getting people to Remember Your Booth
In addition to the visual impact you have made, and the return visits you have attracted, the brand promotion continues long after the exhibition is over. This is because the photos the attendees have taken of your bodypainted model are shared on social media, and your logo which we incorporated into your design will be seen by an even wider circle of potential clients. What other form of booth promotion would be shared virally (with your logo as the focal point) like this?


We cannot stress enough that to ensure your booth promotion is tasteful, unoffensive, “family-friendly” and remembered for the RIGHT REASONS, the body painting must be:

A: Non- sexual (in design and in the models behaviour)

B: Tied to a slogan/tag line which gives a REASON for the body painted design. By this we mean that the viewer has to see it as relevant, in context and as an extension of your branding message, not just for titillation value.

For example we did a successful special effects design for a business advisors exhibition booth where we did a “skin peeling back” look, with the firms own graphs and charts painted “inside” the torn-away skin. The tag line on the posters behind the model were “Peel back the layers to reveal the real risks in your business”.

To speak with us about how we can create an eyecatching product promotion or launch for you or your clients, please contact us.