Skincognito have been honoured to work at Australia’s premier events, such as the Logies, ARIAs, Mardi Gras, Color Run, Supanova, Zombie Walk and for concerts such as The Veronicas and Jess Mauboy. We have even bodypainted for the Prime Minister at Kirribilli House!

Looking for a unique way to style your next event? Skincognito have provided body painting for some of Australia’s most glamourous events.

Popular uses for bodypainting at events:

  • bodypainted celebrities
  • live body painting of a model during the event, as visual entertainment
  • live camouflage body painting, blending a person into a wall at the event
  • bodypainted wait staff and bar staff
  • bodypainted roaming characters, stage performers and aerialists
  • live human statues, painted in gold, silver, marble etc
  • UV neon bodypainting (which glows under blacklights)
  • a body painting station to paint your guests’ arms/décolletage/faces

8 Reasons Live Bodypainting is Perfect for Event Entertainment

Watching an artist transform a human being into a living, breathing artwork is incredible. When this artwork also incorporates your logo, it is unforgettable.

Live Body Painting is IDEAL for event entertainment as it:

  1. is visually engaging
  2. prompts conversation
  3. can easily incorporate the event’s theme
  4. is silent entertainment, so doesn’t clash with music/speeches
  5. can be watched in parts, so doesn’t interrupt networking
  6. is unusual and therefore memorable
  7. is highly photographed, great for social media photo-shares
  8. can involve a celebrity as the model, for extra media attention

Watch the artwork come to life throughout the evening

Live body painting is the type of entertainment that can be watched passively, moved away from, and then returned to throughout the evening to view the progress towards the final piece.

Social Media Gold

Patrons always want to pose with the painted model, and the first thing they do is share these photos online. If your logo is also incorporated into the model’s design, the uploaded photos then create a powerful social media “push” for your brand.

Family Friendliness and Body Exposure

Our priority is to make sure the bodypainting is a huge success with your specific target audience, and this includes respecting the age of the viewers in attendance and other social factors.

We completely appreciate that a great many venues, audiences and situations require cultural sensitivity and adherence to dress codes. We take this very seriously, and in planning your live show, we offer a range of options such as painting over/around swimwear or other clothing, as appropriate for your event.

Create a fresh extravagant vibe at clubs/parties

Recreate the wild and extravagant vibe of an Ibiza club or a New York warehouse party. At clubs, dance parties and festivals, we can bodypaint on a podium or stage, to provide an eyecatching piece of living, dancing art.

Popular body painting designs for events:

  • logo-based designs are effective for corporate events
  • we can customise designs to suit your exact theme
  • UV/neon body art is very popular for evening events
  • Halloween special effects are great for horror themes
  • animal prints, horns etc are ideal for exotic/jungle themes
  • marble/gold statues are perfect for art/fashion events
  • Lookalike clothing is our most popular, for all themes

OR – We Can Body Paint the Event Guests!

Guests tend to “come out of their shell” and really get into the party spirit when they are bodypainted, even if it is just a small design on an arm or face.

It is a unique, fun and affordable way to create a party atmosphere, and memorable, sharable photo opportunities for your events.

Our Event Clients:

  • The Logies
  • The ARIAs
  • LGBTI Mardi Gras
  • Color Run
  • Supanova
  • NRL Grand Final
  • NRL State of Origin
  • Veronicas Concert
  • Jess Mauboy Concert
  • Sydney Zombie Walk
  • Hot Kandi
  • Kyle Sandiland’s Halloween Party
  • Prime Minister Abbot’s Party
  • Christmas Party – Cartier
  • Christmas Party – Atlassian
  • Christmas Party – ING Bank
  • Christmas Party – MediaCom
  • Christmas Party – TBWA
  • Leo Burnett 75th Anniversary
  • Canterbury Bulldogs 80th Anniversary
  • International Makeup Artists Trade Show
  • and many more