Global College of Body Art

Frequently Asked Questions

What is provided in class?

We provide the following:

  • all paints and equipment (brushes etc) used in class
  • class notes
  • mannequin head for use in class
  • water for drinking
  • lots of fun and knowledge!

What should I bring to class?

Please make sure to bring to class:

  • a large packet of baby wipes
  • pen and paper for taking notes
  • camera
  • your lunch/snacks (we are not near a shop)
  • coffee or tea if desired

Where shall I park?

IMPORTANT: Please park alongside the park (known as Mansion Point Reserve) at the top of the driveway hill and walk down to the studio (very short walk), not at the bottom of the driveway hill right outside the studio, as it is a shared driveway and we can’t block access. If you would prefer not to walk up the hill after class, we are super happy to give students a lift up the small hill to their car.

Is there somewhere to purchase lunch?

We are not located close to cafes/shops so we recommend students bring their own lunch/coffee/snacks, however in Grays Point there is a corner store and a coffee shop (“Grayzing Point”) which is only a 2 minute drive away (opening hours vary).

What is the minimum age of participants?

16 yrs old if attending on their own, or 14 yrs old if attending with a parent (parent must also be a paying student).

What are the class prerequisites?

Face Painting Day 1:

Suitable for artists of all abilities, including complete beginners. You do not need to have painted before, in fact sometimes it’s better not to have!

Face Painting Day 2:

Completion of Face Painting Day 1, or contact us to see if we can grant an exemption based on prior experience (if you are an experienced artist, with photos of your work)

Certificate of Face Painting:

Suitable for artists of all abilities, including complete beginners. You do not need to have painted before, in fact sometimes it’s better not to have!

Special Effects Makeup:

Suitable for beginners or for existing makeup artists/face painters.

Certificate of Body Painting:

You do not need to have painted before, or be a makeup artist. However, there is an assumed knowledge of face painting skills, strokes and fundamental brushstrokes.

What is your class cancellation policy?

Our class fees are all prepaid, and your position in the class is not guaranteed until full payment is received. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If GCBA cancels: In the very unlikely event of GCBA cancelling a class, you will be given the choice of a full refund (no questions asked) or a transfer to an upcoming GCBA class of your choice.

If the student cancels: or does not show up to class, the class fee is forfeited, regardless of when the cancellation is made.

Can we take photos in class?

Still photos are permitted in class, however it will be considered a violation of copyright under the Copyright Act if these photos are shared on social media, displayed anywhere outside of the college, or reproduced in any way other than for personal study. CLASS PHOTOS MAY NOT BE SHARED ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

Can we record audio/video in class?

No video or audio recording is permitted in class.

What equipment do we recommend to our students?

Many students ask us what products/equipment we recommend that they buy after class to start their face/body painting journey. We have prepared the following Recommended Equipment List to assist students with these purchases. Please note that all equipment used in class is provided, so you do not need to purchase any of this equipment before the class.

Where is the best place to buy face painting equipment?

We recommend as we are affiliated with this store (Julie used to own it, and sold it to the new owners in 2014).

I am coming from interstate. Is there accommodation near GCBA?

We would be delighted to recommend some inexpensive motels nearby to the studio if you are traveling from interstate. Please contact our Course Coordinator Carol Nance for our recommendation lists.

Do you offer discounts for multiple students?

On our public courses we offer a 10% discount if you book online for two or more people at once. This discount is given to you as a cashback on the day of the course. For large groups, we can offer money-saving deals on private classes or larger discounts on public classes. Please contact our Course Coordinator Carol Nance to discuss your options.

Do you offer private one-on-one or group classes at the studio?

Yes we love one-on-one classes and these are ideal for zeroing in on a particular set of skills you’d like to learn/improve. We run these all the time! See our Private Classes page for details or contact our Course Coordinator Carol Nance to discuss.

Would you come to our premises to run a private group class for us?

Yes we run a lot of offsite classes for groups, such as the staff of childcare centres, amusement venues and schools. Past “private group class” clients of ours include the staff of Lollipops Playlands, Little Learners Child Care Centres, Greater Union Cinemas, Starlight Foundation, Innaburra School and the ELC Learning Centres.

How often do you run your classes?

We run our public face painting and special effects classes quarterly, and we run our 6 month Body Painting course once a year. To find our next scheduled classes, please view our Class Timetable.

Do we get a certificate after class?

A “Certificate of Face Painting” is issued after completion of both Day 1 and Day 2.

A “Certificate of Body Painting” is issued after completion of the 6mth Body Painting course.

A “Certificate of Attendance” is available for completing any of our other classes (eg. Just Day 1, Just Day 2 or our Special Effects Class).

How can I tell which class I am ready for – Beginner/Intermediate or Advanced?

We prefer all our Face Painting Day 2 (Advanced) class students to have previously completed Face Painting Day 1, as we don’t want to disadvantage our other Day 2 students by answering questions that have already been covered by the Day 1 curriculum.

However, if you are an experienced artist (or you have learnt to face paint elsewhere) and you think you are ready for an advanced class, please contact us and we can chat with you about the possibility of granting an exemption from Day 1 based on your prior experience. We would ask to see sample photos of your work, and our Course Coordinator Carol will go through some questions with you to help you assess your level.

How can I become a body art model at the college?

In order to bodypaint, we need bodies! We are therefore always looking to hire reliable, experienced models to be bodypainted for our classes, live performances and runway shows.

If you are interested in applying to become a GCBA bodypaint model, please read and fill out our Models Application Form.

Is there copyright over your course materials?

© Making Faces T/AS Global College of Body Art 2017

Short answer – YES! It is illegal to reproduce or share the notes you receive in class, and serious legal ramifications apply. For a more extensive explanation of what you may and may not do with your course notes please read the following.

Copyright in any course notes, materials, teaching aids and verbally communicated course content, including but not limited to all graphics, images and text (hereafter referred to as “Course Materials”), which will be made available to you throughout the course, belongs to Julie Tattam and the Global College of Body Art. You agree not to modify, copy, reproduce, re-publish, upload, post, transmit, distribute, display or use in any way these Course Materials, or assist in the use of these materials by another party, without the prior written permission of Julie Tattam.

Any use of the Course Materials not expressly permitted in this Copyright Statement is strictly prohibited and will constitute an infringement of the copyright and other intellectual property rights of the Global College of Body Art and Julie Tattam.

Do you offer payment plans?

We don’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity because of finances. That’s why we have created a Payment Plan Option (for the 16-week Certificate of Body Art course only) to give you a couple of months extra to pay the course fee.

I have another question about your classes – who can I call?

Our Course Coordinator Carol Nance is always willing to help you with any enquiry. If she is with a client or unable to take your call immediately, she will respond to all enquiries within 24hrs.